Friday, May 18, 2007

The Wheat Wife

When I was just starting art school, a couple of my roommates had been hanging out with a guy who said with questionable sincerity that he could "see fairies." Although I, myself, have never "seen fairies" and cannot help but draw into question that sanity of this statement/person, he did once describe a little fairy-man that he had once seen who had wheat for hair. This description apparently left an impression and I'd always wanted to illustrate this character. I could never envision the fairy as a male however. So here is my interpretation:

I'm thinking she's some sort of harvest fairy. It seems only appropriate to have her carrying bread in her basket.

The composition for the painting is still subject to change, but in terms of color, I'm planning a very earthy color scheme - lots of brown, yellow ochre, gray, and white.

I've had this image floating in my head for a long time, so it will be nice to get it out of my system. So, credit goes to John-Who's-Last-Name -I-Can't-Remember-If-I
-Ever-Knew-It for the very cool 'wheat as hair' concept.

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