Friday, November 25, 2011

IF: Round

I thought this old illustration would work well for today's Illustration Friday topic and be oh-so appropriate for the upcoming holiday season:
I painted an early version of this image in art school and then re-painted it shortly after I graduated. Looking at it now I can only think how much better it would look if I re-painted it yet again. It's kind of fun (and occasionally painful) to look back at old work and see where you've improved (and where you still need some work!). This painting had a brief life some years ago as a greeting card for a charity card company and it's been more recently revived as a greeting card once again in my CafePress shop. Need Christmas cards? Get them here!

Monday, November 14, 2011

In the Book Forest

Just when I was starting to appreciate the relative speed of digital art, I had to go and do something like this -
- which is currently in progress and taking quite a lot of time.

I started a traditional version of this piece many years ago as a poster to take with me to the second annual SCBWI Winter Conference. It was very large when compared to the sizes I'm accustomed to working with and proved to be rather overambitious given the very limited amount of time I had to complete it. So... it has sat around in my closet waiting for its day of resurrection which seems to have come at last. Now, I just need to tame this beast by painting lots and lots of books, books, books!