Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cherry Blossom Fairy

I didn't think I'd be back here updating so soon, but my "Cherry Blossom Fairy" painting is now available at Ellen Million Graphics as greeting cards and bookmarks. And since I'm not featuring it too prominently on my website, I thought I'd write a little bit about it here.

At my house, we watch a lot of anime. Those of you who also watch anime will know all about "Cherry Blossom Viewing" since practically every series that takes place in Japan seems to include at least one, if not many references to cherry blossoms and/or the annual cherry blossom viewing festival. I must have had cherry blossoms on the brain this spring because when March rolled around, I remembered that there are reputedly something like 2000 cherry trees around Lake Balboa in Encino.

Desiring to have my very own cherry blossom festival, I dragged my husband over there the last week of March and we strolled around and took a lot of pictures:

A lot of the trees were pretty small, so I can't quite say we had the grand experience of walking through huge, billowing clouds of cherry blossoms, but it was still quite a sight. We even had one of those petals-fluttering-to-the-ground-I'm-in-an-anime moments. Next year we're going to have to take some sake with us.

Some time before this, I had seen an Omar Rayyan illustration that feature a parasol-toting fairy, albeit of a more European persuasion. It always seemed like a cool idea to me. I think the cherry blossoms and the fairy smashed together in my subconscious (I dreamed this image) and this painting was the result. (So, thanks go to Mr. Rayyan for his inspirational work and credit for the parasol-fairy concept!)

I don't know whatever possessed me to paint it in watercolor, as this is only the second watercolor painting I've done in something like nine years. The image just demanded watercolor. It was a brutal reminder of how weak my watercolor skills are. It's something I guess I'll have to work on.

Oh yeah, the original painting is available for sale on my Originals page.

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