Saturday, March 31, 2007

So, I'm starting a blog....

Since I do tend to drop off the face of the earth whenever I get engrossed in a long project and therefore updates to my site might be few and far between, I thought keeping a journal online might be a way to keep everyone up to date with whatever I'm up to on a more regular basis. I'll probably also answer questions here too. So, I'll try to post something at least once a month if not every week or two. I can't always show current projects while they're in progress, but I can at least post a short essay on 'how I spent my weekend' or something else to entertain and amuse!

So I guess I'll start with these couple of unfinished sketches:

As you can see, I drew him a little too big and his wing got cropped - I'll fix it later. This guy is the Tea Merchant. He's a wandering soul. Much like a minstrel, but instead of songs, he peddles tea. If you run across him during your travels, for a few pence, he'll pour you a cup of the blend of your choice and sit for a chat if he feels so inclined.

I had a sloppy little doodle of him in my sketchbook from quite a while ago. I'm pretty sure I'd been looking at some of Larry MacDougall's work around that time (I'm a huge fan). So there's quite a bit of his influence in this character. I'd kind of like to ink him and maybe do a wash for shading. Maybe.

I think he looks a bit less shifty in this drawing. I guess the little girl's brought out the kind-hearted side of this guy. I'd like to add a background and finish this one as a painting. Although I'm not sure what medium to use. Anyway, these were a bit of a departure from my usual work, but nice to do something different for a change!

Well, thanks for stopping by for this, my first exciting post! Hope you'll visit again.