Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Website Design

I'd been growing a bit weary of my website design for a while now.  I figure after six years of the same old site, a redesign might be in order.  I wanted to get away from the clutter and go for a clean, simple, and straightforward design -  There are a few pieces of art in the gallery that I've never posted online before, but most of it was either on my site previously and/or posted on this blog.  The new design is very visually spare compared to my old design, but hopefully that will only help to not distract from the art itself.  Plus it has this cute little animated bird (who's looking a wee bit blurry here...):
Also, I set up a Facebook page for my work if anybody prefers to follow in that fashion.  Facebook seems like it might be a better place for interaction than these standard blog formats.  So, hope you enjoy!  Feedback is welcome too!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Trip to Seattle

We made an early escape this year from what promises to be another hot summer.  Just came back from the Seattle area a few days ago where we spent one night in a treehouse at Treehouse Point:
Stood in the chilly mist of Snoqualmie Falls:
Wandered the quaint Bavarian-style town of Leavenworth:
Hiked a small, but steep mountain near Ellensburg, WA:
Hiked up another mountain trail near Monroe, WA which took us past three more waterfalls!
And some great views:
Finally ending up at the ice-covered Lake Serene:
Oh, and we managed to squeeze in a wedding and graduation too - the real main events!
Whew!  Now I'm tired!