Monday, April 25, 2011

IF: Bicycle

I did this really quick little sketch for Illustration Friday. The theme this week is bicycle:

I'm trying to get myself in the habit of doing quick warm-up sketches in the morning where I have to produce something in a relatively short amount of time. It can be anything at all and it doesn't have to be good. I just have to agree with myself to leave it alone after my allotted time is up no matter how badly I may want to fix. Like those tires, for example. I rather dislike the tires, but I'm forbidding myself to do anything about it (which is hard when you're me). Anyway, I'm hoping this kind of exercise will gradually help me to loosen up a bit as well as provide an opportunity to play with media I seldom touch. Today I used micron pens and colored pencil. I can't remember the last time I used micron pens...

Friday, April 8, 2011


After several truly exhausting days, we're finally all moved in to our new place. We have a lot of unpacking and arranging to do. My studio still appears to have been ravaged by a tornado, but I'm making progress. I'm hoping to have my studio together by the end of today (or at least by tomorrow afternoon!).

It seems we weren't the only ones procuring a new home this past month. The swallows came back again this year and built a brand new nest above our kitchen window just as we were beginning to move out. Their old nest from last year had been removed, so they had to start from scratch. A lot of work for them, no doubt, but it did afford me a great opportunity to watch the new nest evolve over time. I tried to take a picture a day to document their progress:I'm amazed by how quickly they were able to construct a new nest. They seemed to have completed it well within two weeks. I think I should take a cue from those little birds and get my house in order as soon as possible!