Friday, January 14, 2011

Cats on a Fence

Just yesterday, I wrapped up on this painting for my book dummy:

I think I'm finally (just barely!) starting to get the hang of this digital painting business. I can still use lots more practice though! The cats went pretty smoothly; the backgrounds not as smoothly. Fortunately my husband has been collecting a lot of incredibly varied and useful Photoshop brushes for a quite a while and had taken the time to organize them by type which proved most helpful to me. I think using some of the more organic brushes helped me to feel a little more comfortable with this media.

So now, I've got just a couple more paintings yet to go before it will be ready for submission...


Ale said...

Hi, nice place! Come and see mine:

Jesus is on the throne said...

Hi, What kind of painting are you doing? Sounds interesting