Friday, September 7, 2007

Spot Illustration

I just finished up a spot illustration for the newsletter Daughters: for Parents of Girls. I can't show the finished piece, so I'll post the unused sketches:

The accompanying article is about celebrating girls' coming of age. I think this might be the first piece I've ever painted for an adult publication. It was very interesting to do a piece that was a bit more conceptual as opposed to narrative. I drew on the mother-daughter aspects of the article and symbolic imagery to come up with the designs. The finished art is scheduled to appear in the Nov-Dec. issue, so watch for it if you receive the newsletter!

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Anonymous said...

These are really pretty sketches. It's hard to believe that the final product could better than these, but I'm sure it is.
Great use of imagery, I love the one with the moon phases. It's rather sweet.